Suma Mukherjee

Strategy Consultant (Organisational Development & Engagement)

Pune-based Organisational Development & HR consultant, Suma Bolar, is an alumni of Symbiosis Institute of Management Sciences (SIMS) and Symbiosis Law College. After completing her BSc in Computer Science from St Joseph’s College, Bangalore, Suma acquired an MBA in Human Resources (SIMS) and a Masters in Labour Law & Labour Welfare, which she then put to good use in the corporate sector. After investing more than 10 years in creating engagement models and frameworks for HR Systems design, Competency-based frameworks, and OD engagement models for corporate organisations, Suma became an independent consultant in 2009.

An ardent advocate of self-development, Suma is an accomplished photographer, amateur water-colour artist, yoga practitioner, and Critical Thinking exponent, apart from being the mother of three young children. She uses her diverse knowledge repository in literature, music, business communication, and systems thinking, to create the various engagement models that RedstoneSummerhill consultants employ on client projects and to mentor self-employed individuals who want to build small businesses. A student of alternative therapies, and spiritual religious studies, Suma is an active volunteer in Parent Committees in different schools, a donor-patron with the Kalibari Samiti’s annual Durga Utsav, as also a part of RedstoneSummerhill philanthropic initiatives supporting the CARE Foundation’s Emmanuel Public School.

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