RedstoneSummerhill is a ‘Dreaming’ company, a Social Enterprise – our vision is to help create a better society by realising the potential of artists and creative individuals. The purpose of our work is to channelise creativity and innovation at various levels to stimulate thought, inspire constructive dialogue, and drive meaningful transformation in people and therefore society at large.

RedstoneSummerhill aims to support, guide, and facilitate the success of artists and innovative individuals. We look for individuals who have a humane-worldview, who have been able to rise above their own prejudices, those who have talent in their chosen area of work, who have spent the time honing that talent and their skills, who still believe in their dream of making a change in society through their work, and who work and create with the intent to improve themselves and their environment.

RedstoneSummerhill’s core business activities include Consulting, mentoring start-up businesses and creating Products. The company provides business guidance to artists and creative individuals; The company creates and manages media content and communications to facilitate sharing of views, provide news and information, and facilitate dialogue and collaboration; The company also aims to support development, education and training of individuals through profitable and sustainable charitable initiatives.

At RedstoneSummerhill, we believe that every individual matters, and therefore we are driven by a philosophy of focusing on the singular, rather than scaleable masses.

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