The Mountain Walker


The Mountain Walker was the first start-up to emerge from the RedstoneSummerhill  Apprentice program.

In 2014, a young automobile engineer involved in research, analysis and vehicle performance, decided to give up his job and ‘find’ himself. He gave up the accolades, opportunities, and international exposure, not to mention a steady and fair remuneration with one of India’s premier research institutions, and joined the RedstoneSummerhill Apprentice program to start learning how to swim in uncharted, unknown waters.

At around the same time, a young and experienced Directional Drilling Engineer with a global Oil & Gas conglomerate was going through similar unrest, after an 8 year career travelling and working around the world. He decided to give up the job in favour of the family man, and start swimming in unknown waters with RedstoneSummerhill.

These two childhood friends – Ameen Shaikh and Abhishek Kaushal – were born and brought up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. They went to the same school since kindergarten, and then high school (St Edwards), and then followed well trodden paths to a career outside of their Himalayan home. And while they were chalk and cheese in approach and execution, they had similar values, and now, the same goal: to do something on their own.

In May 2016, they decided to become first-time entrepreneurs,  and finally, with nothing but a shoe-string budget, a vision and a desire to work hard, they co-Founded The Mountain Walker with  Sanjay Mukherjee. The Mountain Walker is a Social Enterprise focused on Mountain Travel. The company provides quality content and services to its audience, and it has a long-term plan to educate and to generate employment in India’s Himalayan states, to train youngsters for specific roles, and to help in developing the travel and tourism eco-system.



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