The Crimson Stroke


The Crimson Stroke is the vision of Mumbai-based artist, Rahul Joshi.

Rahul Joshi is an alumni of LS Raheja College of Art, Mumbai. He spent his formative years, honing his sketching and painting skills, specialising in Fantasy and Figurative Art and related genres in the 1990s (a time when very few artists in India were openly looking at art genres that broke taboo art forms and risky art directions). An enthusiastic guitar player in his teens and early 20s, Rahul was also a Fitness enthusiast.

Through the 2000 decade, Rahul started his own design firm and ventured into commercial design, while continuing to develop as an artist, exploring Oils in addition to his growing expertise in Acrylics. Meanwhile, his Fitness enthusiasm took a consultancy direction.

In early 2010, Rahul embarked on a new journey after closing his design firm (2005), deciding to focus on the artist and his Fitness consulting, and taking specific brand identity design projects that required his particular knowledge.

In 2013, Rahul became the first individual to sign on with RedstoneSummerhill, taking the first small steps in the long journey to rediscover himself, and build an enterprise around his various expertise, while also sharing his experience and knowledge. As a result of that initial journey, The Crimson Stroke was founded in 2017 by Rahul Joshi in collaboration with Sanjay Mukherjee of RedstoneSummerhill. It is very early days, but the Crimson Stroke intends to focus on creative products and consulting in the space of design, art, health, fitness, and all that lies in between.


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