Sanjay Joseph’s Shibumi


Shibumi was the 2017 debut album of progressive jazz musician, Sanjay Joseph.

A musician and artist past comparison, Sanjay Joseph has spent the past three decades honing his skills and shaping the purpose of his art. The guitar is his exoskeleton. When you see him articulating on his instrument, you experience unity between the body and the soul. He started young and, after paying his dues in various musical situations (including stints with various rock/ jazz bands, luminaries like Louis Banks, Ranjit Barot, A R Rahman and KK), he conceived Shibumi – a composite expression that straddles the worlds of music, nutrition, spirituality, discipline and abandonment. The album was the culmination of an old and long journey, with the first ideas of the album being planted in 2004-2005.

It wasn’t surprising then that Shibumi was also the name that Sanjay chose for the Creative Education and Wellbeing project he launched in the 2017, with the intent of combining his three core passions: Music, Nutrition, and Fitness.

In 2018, Sanjay Joseph became the first musician to collaborate with RedstoneSummerhill with an intent to build a startup to develop his vision into a viable enterprise, focusing on Music education, Performance Development and Wellbeing.



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