Young Expressions: And despite all of this, when we step out of this door again …

A lot has been said, written and forwarded about the Coronavirus and human behaviour and everything in between. Today we publish the writing of 21-year-old Karishma Joshi from Sophia College, Mumbai. I have known Karishma as a writer for the past two years. If I had to describe her writing in a word: profound.

A final year student of the Bachelor’s in Mass Media program at Sophia, Karishma has a wide range of interests and accomplishments – she also happens to be an accomplished horse rider. But it is her deeply introspective writing that has always amazed me. This is the latest piece of prose from her:

Mulling over our wrongdoings collectively as a human race, we are awakened to the truth of how a virus had long ago manifested itself in us all. It had squirmed its way into our systems and had cultivated in the faculties of our mind. Soon, its parasitic nature gave man the power to destroy. It was a mental awakening or must I say, a gradual death. Surfaces were wiped off Mother Earth. The degree of virality that had never been previously matched now stood in the forefront. Man became equivalent to God and one notch below, Mother Nature, with all her might, tried to live up to his expectations. She gave and gave till she could give no more. Till it was time to give man a time out. To sit and reflect. To absorb and learn. To watch the world piece itself together out the window. To create a mood ever so pensive. And despite all of this, when we step out of this door again and man still chooses to live as he does, bathed in his egoistic stance, he deserves not even an iota of space on this planet.

karishma joshi

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