The very first experience of Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh is an enigmatic one for Abhinav Kaushal. As he visits the famous “Mummy Lama Temple” and learns more about the related stories, the village of Gue itself has some new ...

Ameen Shaikh fights doubt, uncertainty, and fear, as he prepares and acclimatises for his first long distance, high altitude trek at the ripe age of 34. These are notes from his preparation for The Mountain Walker Bhabha-Pin Valley Trek in ...

A hole in the wall in Mumbai can cost almost a crore of rupees… and a crore of rupees can be made out of it! But cracking open a highway on the mountain wall costs lives… BRO… is not that ...

Rocky mountain ridges, crossing log-bridges, walking in a drizzle, catching up with a group of Mumbai trekkers, candle-light dinner in the wilderness, a clear night sky full of stars… Ameen Shaikh has an eventful first day on the Bhabha Pin ...



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