As an individual, I say this to all governments: I matter. My opinion matters. My say in the whats and hows of the world matters.

My life matters. My present matters. Don’t sell me a future, don’t ask me to fall in line without thought. Don’t scare me with sanctions and ostracisation, don’t browbeat me. I matter.

As an employee, I say this to employers: I matter. My opinion matters. My say in the whats and hows of the work you hired me to do matters. My knowledge matters. My future matters. Don’t sell me a vision, don’t ask me to make your vision mine. Don’t try to buy my conformance with flexi-hours, titles, better work; don’t try to scare me with withholding all or any of this. I respect your vision but my contribution to making your vision matters.

As an ordinary, common person, I say this to individuals in a position of authority: if you abuse the power your position affords you, be aware that there will be a time when your station in life will be different.

As one, solitary individual, I say this to my fellow solitary individuals: you are much more than you have been led to believe you are.


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    • Udit Baranwal


      Dec 12, 2016


      The awakening of an individual

    • Ghazala Tazmeen


      Dec 26, 2016


      Yes, I matter because I am an ‘Individual’ whose life is very blatant. I am individualistic for my right to think, act, and react the way I do. A big thank you for making the ‘individuals’ realize the importance of creating their own hive and buzz around.

    • |

      May 4, 2017


      It’s good to get a fresh way of loknoig at it.

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